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Trend Toolbox plug-in for MetaStock 1

Trend Toolbox plug-in for MetaStock 1

Screenshots of Trend Toolbox plug-in for MetaStock

Trend Toolbox plug-in for MetaStock Publisher's Description

Trend Toolbox is a sophisticated MetaStock plug-in module for working with automatic trend lines. It's fast trend detection algorithm helps you find tradeable breakout candidates in real time as well as end of day. It has three functions: Line, Signals and Polynomial. Line function can use Open, High, Low, Close, Volume data arrays, predefined/custom indicators or any other data array passed to it for drawing automatic trend lines, eliminating any subjective time cosuming task involved in drawing manual trend lines. You can define a minimum number of touching points to get more solid trend lines as well as allowing a certain level of tolerance not to miss peaks or troughs that not exactly on the trend line but, a little bit off. Signals function can be used to check past performance of your trading system. It returns 1 if downtrend broken and close price is higher than previous one. Similarly, it returns -1 if uptrend broken and close price is lower than the previous one. Using it, you can further fine tune your trading system. Polynomial function can draw up to10th order polynomial curves as well as linear regression and parabolic regression trend lines. It can be used for data fitting, which is mathematical analysis of a data set in order to analyze trends in the data values by finding a mathematical model that fits data set. This involves linear or non-linear regression analysis of these data points, in order to define a set of parameter values that best characterize the relationship between the data points and an underlying theoretical model. Please visit for more info.

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